Friday, November 2, 2012

a successful good time

The Gene Pool Crete-Raiser was a successful good time! Funds were raised the bowl was destroyed Kowhoon rocked the house product was raffled and the food was grubbing. I was so busy the whole time holding down the fort getting wasted I didn't take any pictures or even skate much. Thanks to Caleb I got these photos off facebook of Bart, Seth and Jo Jo killing it. 

Thanks again all the sponsors especially everyone who came and donated.  NHS for the fat package. Rolo over at Gross Graphics for putting the flyer together. 67Q for the grub and Kowhoon for rocking the house. Bones, Pocket Pistols skates, Consolidated, Small Beating, Helltown and Local 209 skaters union  for helping make the day a success! It is all appreciated now lets get this shit poured already.........